You’re looking to launch
a practice.

We can streamline the process.

In just six months, we can get a medical business up and running with the right team, tools and location.

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our timeline

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month 1

Introductions &
Opportunity Definition

Upon welcoming you into the HPM network, we learn your vision for the practice. Highlight your needs. Determine goals. Our discoveries will help us define your practice structure and enact a solid business plan for growth.

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month 2

Contract Execution
& Site Selection

Finding the perfect location is the first determiner of a successful business. We make sure the site you settle into is functional, accessible and aesthetically on-brand. You’ll also get all the assistance you need while negotiating property contracts – from lease terms to insurance policies.

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New Client

Our Deploy Implementation Team will become your go-to resource for establishing the patient onboarding experience and relationships with qualified vendors. At this time, we can begin implementing patient systems that will be centralized at the HPM office.

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Office Build-Out

When the moment comes to design a facility plan and purchase equipment, we’ll send over a dedicated General Contractor to keep everything moving smoothly. Construction, supply deliveries, and bill payment will flow seamlessly and in a timely manner.

The next step in the office set-up is to prepare your practice operations within regulatory guidelines and implement all your corresponding IT systems.

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Marketing Launch

With your office facilities ready to go, we can draft a brand and marketing strategy for promoting the business. You’ll receive a complete brand road map – the basis for building all your print and digital assets and campaigns.

At this stage, we’ll also staff your office with an exceptional non-medical team, fully trained on your operational standards and integrated into the HPM community. Our support will extend across all HR-related functions from payroll and time clock apps to compliance manuals.

A close-up of a hand cutting red tape to signify the opening of an office location.


Grand Opening

Up until your opening date, we will keep a handle on the entire implementation process. That means ensuring all critical deadlines are met, so that the launch is a success.

As your practice falls into full flow, our team will continue to field administrative hurdles and any new issues that come your way.

let's get started
A front-facing, upper body shot of Dr. Matthew Kalter in a white coat. A front-facing, upper body shot of Dr. Matthew Kalter in a white coat.

They allowed me the ability and the nerve to start my own practice. HPM enables me to actually treat patients the way I want to and actually handle the medical part.