Shouldering the entire
non-clinical operation.

Through our comprehensive management services, we collaborate with your teams to streamline and optimize all non-clinical aspects of practice operations.

In centralizing the major functions of a practice, we relieve our physicians of their administrative burdens and simplify the workflows of supporting staff.

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Implementation Services

When a new practice transitions under HPM, we will allocate a full team of deployment experts.

Upon performing an in-depth assessment, we will indicate all necessary areas for integrating new systems, processes and people. We never apply our existing platforms uniformly, customizing the entire process to individual needs.

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Operations Leadership

Collaborating with site-level leadership, our regional managers develop operational and financial goals, analyze and monitor practice KPIs, perform interview compliance training, and ensure staff coverage through optimized scheduling systems.

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Full-Service HR

Our services across the human resources sector include the assignment of an HR manager, payroll manager and recruiter. Each work with the site-level HR department to handle employee-based issues for non-clinical staff, including performance management and terminations.

Staff are trained through both our Learning Management System and an Employee Handbook, developed and customized for your practice.

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Payroll & Recruiting

We can assist with the recruitment, screening, onboarding and departure of employees for all site-level positions. This includes developing benefits packages that are cost-effective and yet, competitive enough to maintain quality employees and reduce turnover.

Through cutting-edge accounting systems and timeclock applications, we also support and help track all payroll functions.

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Intake & Scheduling

While physicians maintain full control over clinical treatments, our marketing expertise results in new patient referrals and measuring patient satisfaction through streamlined processes.

By implementing simple onboarding procedures, new patients will experience a seamless transition into your practice.

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Legal & Compliance

We are consistently monitoring changes in regulatory guidelines at the state and federal levels, as well as for private insurance programs. With this knowledge, we can provide the most up-to-date compliance tools for staff and mitigate potential penalties related to compliance incidents.

Through application and sanction monitoring, we also enact the credentialing process, maintaining eligibility with insurance and government health plans.

An upper body shot of Dr. Eric Freeman in a white doctor’s coat. An upper body shot of Dr. Eric Freeman in a white doctor’s coat.

The ability to retain the infrastructure we have developed over 50 years of practice and practice medicine in the way to which we are accustomed was an important factor in selecting Health Plus Management as our administrative support organization.