Reinforcing technical systems.
Enhancing efficiencies.

Deploying an expert technical team, best-in-class technologies and performance analytics, we are able to optimize your processes and equip you with the necessary tools for optimal patient care.

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A close-up of someone zooming in on a computer screen with data.

Office & Medical Equipment

We supply your facilities with an innovative array of advanced technologies, including hardware and software systems that are compliant in the areas of HIPAA and PCI. With the highest quality diagnostics tools at your disposal, you are better prepared to treat patients with excellence in care.

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Centralized Helpdesk Support

As a practice in the HPM network, you receive IT support and maintenance during all site-level business hours, with our IT department managing everything from access control to user passwords and data security.

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Business Intelligence & Metrics Reporting

We use operational analysis, reporting structures and performance metrics to uncover real-time data about your practice’s productivity.

Our business intelligence systems not only indicate areas of opportunity for your practice, but also expose unmet needs in the market. Together, these insights help us make informed decisions about improving clinical quality and patient outcomes.

A front-facing, upper body shot of Dr. Michael Monfett. A front-facing, upper body shot of Dr. Michael Monfett.

I’ve been extremely happy with the support of HPM in how my practice has grown up to this point. And I do look forward to expanding my practice in the future and also potentially opening up additional practices with their help.