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Simplifying lives.
Amplifying growth.

We are one of the only practice management specialists with the stability to offer every benefit – administrative and operational support, clinical and financial freedom, multi-channel marketing plans.

With such a broad range of services, we enable our supported physicians to scale beyond the typical reach of a physician-owner – all without a decline in patient care. Practices are able to expand their service offerings and geographic footprint, while maintaining a standard of service that earns them new tiers of stature in the medical community.

Our comprehensive business model makes us a magnet for growth, with our collective businesses advancing as a part of an ever-expanding network.

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The backbone of musculoskeletal practices.

We provide practices in our network the turnkey support of a much larger organization. They have the unique advantage of gaining our comprehensive management services, while remaining independent private practices.

Backed by Health Plus Management (HPM), practices are positioned to generate prosperity beyond what might otherwise be feasible.

A doctor at a table with a computer and two colleagues is shaking hands with a business consultant.

Business care for top care providers.

Our network comprises highly ranked physicians in their fields of specialty. They pride themselves on the ability to properly treat and diagnose each individual patient.

With HPM handling all non-medical, day-to-day functions, our physicians can continue to provide the level of care they are known for and that every patient deserves.

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Entrepreneurial success through capital resources.

What makes HPM such a powerful resource is our strong financial base. It has allowed us to invest in the industry’s most innovative technologies and state-of-the-art instruments for treating and diagnosing patients.

We will continue leveraging our capital strength to advance some of the most esteemed names in the medical sector.

financial support
An upper body shot of Dr. Eric Freeman in a white doctor’s coat. An upper body shot of Dr. Eric Freeman in a white doctor’s coat.

Having experienced both independent private practice and hospital-based practice, our leadership team recognized that Health Plus Management’s unique hybrid offering enabled us to retain our autonomy while focusing our time on patient care.

Dr. Eric Freeman, South Island Orthopedics

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