The capital to operate,
budget and scale.

As part of our network, physicians have access to capital to invest in best-in-class technology and instruments, ensuring their practice stands out among competitors.

While physicians focus on their patients, HPM provides support services for financial operations including supply purchasing, facility operating expenses and revenue management.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Our RCM support staff can optimize your revenue cycle across the entire patient encounter – from insurance verification through the progression of charge and payment.

Leveraging actionable intelligence, we can provide strategic direction for enhancing returns, reducing costs, and increasing timeliness of claims payments. Our teams are well-versed in ensuring claims are processed daily and accurately.

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HPM has built connections with a wide variety of vendors and brand-name suppliers. Leveraging these relationships and our high-volume purchasing capacity, we have the buying power to ensure unrivaled pricing agreements.

All communication and ordering are centralized through HPM, allowing us to cut down the workload of site-level employees and act as quality control.

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Accounts Payable & Accounting

Our finance department functions as a centralized support center for billing and payment processing. They not only offer accuracy across all reporting, financial controls, budgeting and KPI management, but they ensure compliance with tax laws, regulations and healthcare billing.

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Managed Care

HPM credentialing specialists work with supported practices at all phases of the practice life cycle to facilitate enrollment in governmental and commercial health plans. They ensure the proper credentialing and re-credentialing of practitioners in those plans.

The HPM Revenue Cycle team monitors reimbursement under managed care contracts to ensure the practice receives expected contractual reimbursement.

A front-facing, upper body shot of Dr. Daniel Reizis. A front-facing, upper body shot of Dr. Daniel Reizis.

Combining our companies gives our patients additional locations and will help further broaden our service offerings to continue to deliver exceptional results to our patients.